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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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and that's the weekly buzz for more information invite >> everyone, this is the tuesday, november the fifth meeting of the entertainment commission. and just a few housekeeping things. turn off your phones and if you wish to speak on any item on the agenda, there are comment cards up here >> we will start with the roll call. >> commissioner camp angnoli.
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>> here. >> >> acres, tan. >> here. and we have a quorum. >> public comment, if there is something that you want to speak to, wait to bring that up, but if you have any other comments that relate to the commission, feel free to. seeing none, that is closed. move to item two, review and approval of the minutes of october 15th, is there any changes, or edits? and if not, let's... no i move to approve. >> second. >> great. >> on the motion, commissioner campagnoli? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye.
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>> joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde. >>ite. >> naomi akerses >> aye. >> and tan. >> aye. >> item three, report from the executive director, take it away director kening. king. >> thank you very much, good evening, it has been a little bit and i was on vacation for the last meeting and so hopefully everything went well. i wanted to update you and i did not have a chance to printout the memo about the legislation, introduced, by supervisor weiner and i am not sure if it is in your package or not and implying to the e-mail that you got the digital copy and it is fairly short and what it does is adds to the definition of what is called a bone fide eating place in the
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planning code and introduced on october 29th. and the 30 days of a wait period right now, and i think that the idea is that it will go to land use and economic development, and probably it may, and it may go before the holiday break, or it may end up early in the year, so there is plenty of time to review it and it is actually pretty simple tamends the planning code to extend the definition based on food sales per occupant, as currently they are measured by the percentage of the gross rereceipt and that has caught the restaurant as well as the permitees that serve the food and based on the way that amount of food sales is measured. and so, it is simply a new way to think about how to define what a bone fide eating place is for the city relative to
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also how the state does it for the dc license and as well as opens up the conversation presenting that we talked about in the past and so without going much further into it and expect some of that conversation to come forward and i will let you guys know when it gets scheduled for the board committee because i do think that it is important as we discuss the flexibility and as we discuss how the businesses change and morf over time and you know, based on the business plan when they open and verses as they go forward and that conversation, around, they say that there are restaurant but they are really a nightclub, it is that conversation that i think that we can have when we get to the right place for it. so, again, i will, tomorrow, first thing that i will send you a digital copy and you will have plenty of time to review it and really a simple piece of legislation. >> and as you have all noticed, we have our annual report, and it is super snazzy this year, it is for fiscal year 2013 and
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thanks to perez and black stone, it is cool and we have distributed to all of the elected in this building and sent it to the department heads of whom we work. and if there is anyone else that you folks think that we should forward it to, let us know. because, it is pretty cool. all right. and a digital copy is on the website, and it has been up there for a couple of weeks. which is actually much better for the environment and so we only printed a small number of them, and so, you can also direct people to the website to the pdf download. look who is back. say hi. >> hi. >> and who is back from maternity leave and we wanted to welcome here. as october the 21st, she has been back in the office and i wanted to thank megar very much for the work while crystal was
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gone, and so, that is for the record. the update on commissioner perez, who if you look around is not here. is that we expected him to be here tonight, he was approved, the appointment was approved at the rules committee last week. and we expected him to be appointed fully by the board today, but, there was an over site, and i think that maybe there was a clerk or some sort of technical oversight, with the agenda and therefore, his appointment was not on the agenda for the board today. and so, we expect that final appointment on november 19th. if he is able to be swore in that day and sit and we will see him then and if he isn't which we have a notion that he might have a conflict on that date in particular, we will see him on the first day of november. sthaoe so that is the update.
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sf heritage and so i am not sure if you knew about this, i think that this has been about a year or so that they launched it and the non-profit called sf heritage is the group in san francisco that works to appreciate you know, the landmarks and architectal heritage and they started this bar and restaurant project and on the website is a list of legacy bars and restaurants who meet the criteria and i think that it is at least 40 years old, and i don't remember, all of it, but i do have the documentation here, if anyone is interested in seeing it. but, they came to this city and they came through our offices as well as the mayor's office to talk about how we might work together to help them with the third round of additions to the legacy bar and restaurant project. and it is primarily a marketing
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kind of effort, but it really is kind of cool. because while these places are not necessarily like, architectly important, they are important to the city for the work that we do as well as the tourists and the economic benefit and so the third round of them, is coming and november 18th, is going to be an event that we will co-sponsor, and with the heritage folks as well as the mayor's office ed dusuvio, who will be a happy hour event, primarily for the press and marketing and i invite you all to come from like 6:00 to 8:00 in north beach. >> could you e-mail us that? >> sure. we are working on this. november 18th, this is a monday. and it is my birthday as well. and so if you want to come to my birthday party, please do. we will obviously be putting that out on-line and you know,
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i can hand this out if anyone is interested in this, but it is super fun. so that is the good news. under the heading of what i call corrective actions i wanted to update the commission relative to a meeting that i went to on treasure island recently and regarding the oasis event venue, some of you may remember this venue, which is odd to have an entertainment permit on treasure island but we do have one there and it was originally called the fca, artist and now it is called the oasis event and it is used for public events and at one fairly recently there was a shooting outside of the venue that was related and had an exit to the event that was going on and the entertainment commission, the treasure island development authority, and southern station, captain and permit officer met with the venue rntion and made it very clear, that things have to change and
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so that there is a lot more scrutiny that we are expecting and the additional security plan and there was no need at that, or at this time to do a director's order. but, we are watching very carefully what they are booking and how they are going forward in terms of you know, not repeating some mistakes i guess. so, that was that. the other event that happened when i was out of town, was the treasure island music festival, which some of you may have heard about and some of you may have heard, which is the point. and this is the 7th year, of this really accessible and it is very large and it is 10,000, that i think for days on treasure island it is a variety of musical acts, but that is on treasure island and the people in tell graph hill and vernal heard it with a problem this year in a much bigger way than
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we have had in the past and so today we had a meeting with three of the people who when the production from another planet and treasure island development authority who are the land authority there, and me and cami spoke to them about specifically what things can change and how we will move forward to consider approval of a permit for next year. and so expect that conversation, probably early in the new year. as they have chosen the potential dates, next october, and so we have plenty of time to figure out from a production standpoint and or, atmospheric conditions or whatever it was that seem to be very different this year from last 6 years. and how we make if any changes. and so we will be scheduling that on the agenda and i will ask the president to do that and then, we will communicate with all of those who communicated with us to attend
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that hearing. and when that happens. the nike run that some you may have, and it is some for the cop and hub that you asked about at the last meeting. and the nike marathon and it is enjoyed for thousands and thousands of people, of 30,000 people, brought in this event and it is great for the city in a lot of ways, but this particular time, and a dozen complaints in our office but there were many more that went to the police stations and through 311, and mostly because they began amplifying loud speakers at 5:30 in the morning, and what this got. and they were going to only do it at the union square and kind of corral the people and actually they were going four blocks out from the union square along post street and
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woke up a lot of people beginning at 5:30 in the morning, and it turns out that they never got the loud speaker permits and so they did receive a citation from us and we are having a discuss that with some of the other rules that they have bent. and so, to let them know what is happening. and then, in last week, and the last meeting, we spoke with david bill who had this idea to activate it for 30 days in november, we gave them a permit for 7 days and we are now in day five. and so, after 6 days, we are going to talk with the southern station and see if that is fine to extend that for the remainder of the month and i do want to say so far so good. and david did reach out to the people in the apartments and he had a great conversation with them, and there is one person
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who is unhappy. and however, he is in constant communication with her and is notifying her every time they do use the amplified sound and so far only a few times they did have a band on friday night and a band on sunday afternoon, as far as the coming week, if their permit is extending they will show vertico on friday note. and they will show all san francisco based movies. supervisor kim did receive the one complaint and they are following all of the rules and baring anything crazy happening it will be extended through november. >> and you know what the submit a calendar of what kind of events that her tolding? >> yeah. so it is kind of a work in progress, because the programming is informed by the
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community. and they did have the one, last night and someone broke into their shed that has all of their equipment and it looks like nothing pa major was stolen they don't have their sound equipment stored there, other than that it has been positive. >> great. >> commissioners? go ahead. >> the oasis is that the permit that we gave sam when he was alive? >> that is it. >> did it change hands? >> it did. as well. yeah. i didn't realize it was coming back. >> it didn't change hands because of a death, it was some change in ownership, like percentage and whatnot. it did not have to go back... >> the same group?
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>> yeah. >> okay. and then so i just wanted to make sure so that i know, okay. and the treasure island music festival, were you able to determine what was different about it this year? >> so the only thing that we could determine that was different was, they raised the stage height a bit, to accommodate the video, production, from a headliner, and which meant that the speaker array was a little higher, but, according to another planet, when the complaints began, on saturday, they shut those top, like top speakers off. and redirected it down and so according to them, and again, this is part of the process that we have and i explained to her that you were going to be very interested in hearing, maybe bring someone from sound on stage, to talk about this. and there really was nothing substantially different from the set up from the previous
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years, there was two stages, one faces down the lawn and one towards the residents on the island and the back to the city. and the weather was, i guess p and i was not here again, but i think that it was very warm on saturday. and then, not, and then it was cool on sunday. >> was it clear? >> it was very clear. so, again, we are trying to investigate, it is a tough one to nail down, necessarily, but we did determine that the complaints primarily came from not only the people on hills, but people in towers on hills. and so, when, another planet representative drove into the city, to see what they could hear, they were low, they were not in towers or on hills so they could not hear a lot. so it was very intriguing because the reports were base, pounding noises and rattling windows but high up which is odd. >> they were unusual. >> right. >> so we don't know exactly,
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and we will just have to work on it and there may be a discussion on hours on the permit. and length of time. because, again, the complaint just simply i can hear it but i heard it for ten hours. >> how about just modifying the frequencies? >> so, in the complaints raised as far as vernal? >> and berkeley. >> wow. >> so and last but not least, miss stewart, you should be sending us all pictures, you know that? >> oh, baby pictures. >> baby pictures. so that is my request of the commission secretary to send the commissioners baby pictures. all right. thank you. >> any other commissioner comments? to the director's report? >> is there any public comment to the director's report and the staff report? >> seeing none, that is closed. and we will move on to item number 4, police department
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comments and questions. so, officer methius and everyone else >> hello commissioner and staff, central station and, a brief run down of current events in the central, and we have a summary from broad way from october 18th, regarding one of the clubs, club atmosphere and recording 500 patrons entering the facility and it filled up in the parking lot and the vehicle and the security was able to keep the sidewalks cleared in the evening, however it took nearly 15 minutes to clear the sidewalks. the patrons engaged in fights and several were so intoxicated that they had to be carried from the club atmosphere and the sergeant that works in the midnight shift says that they would have acted more on it but there was a shooting down the treat and not so related and so a lot of the officers had to respond to that. but he said that it was kie on
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chaotic out in the atmosphere and the next night, they had like a rock group, or something like that but a mixture of people out there and the officers said that the ages ranged from the early 20s to 50s and 60s. and so really cross-reference or group group there. walked into the number two-lane of the eastbound broad way without regard for their safety. and the vehicle, and the vehicular traffic and the sfpd and made numerous attempts to clear the patrons from the roadway and finally successful 15 minutes later. and usually, the club does a good job of keeping the sidewalks and they even have the security dialed in pretty much and i think that they had too many people. i talked to the owners about what our expectations are about them. >> we are investigating an off hours club and someone made a complaint regarding that november second and so i have
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apprised the entertainment commission and we are following up on that. as far as different clubs, and now there are times that have assessed over $2,000 the computer and other things, things that i am dealing with specifically with the entertainment commission as far as the staff and the first one, and one of the things that we are noticing on broad way and going on for a bit and probably the last 6 months, and it is what the commission know when we have had the different things and as far as the saturday and sunday morning night life, as far as the clubs go, and this it seems to be getting, we are seeing more and more batteries, and reports, and so, it is just, i think that it is happening in the nighttime, and it kind of gets
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diluted a little bit, but when it is 6:00 in the morning there is more attention on it and our day shift is coming on and all of a sudden it is going out and there is a fight, and just the other day, there was one cad report and there were about 30 involved in front of the club cosmo and the fight, and the police responded and debating when they got there and later on, the report was made, but the club shortly closed after that and also, there was a terrorist threats and arrests made at monroe, the following day. and so, i ran the cads for the area, for the last six months, just dealing with the morning time. and maybe, 6:00 in the morning to about 11 to deal specifically with the clubs and there were about 14 different incidents that were specifically club related and so i am going to be talking with the club owners and the two that are having the different entertainment in the morning that is kos moe and monroe and you know it is within their permit to be able to do that but i am going to really encourage them to do the
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lead straining, and if the people, and going to another club and they are arriving at 6:00 in the morning, and so, either they have been drinking all night or they set their alarm and they go out, but there is not a lot of people that can stay up all night. and you know, with that other stuff on board. >> and to do the lead straining and which is the license and education on the alcohol and drugs and i think that a lot of the problems can be inverted and some of them, it is a nasty assault, from club monroe, a couple of months ago, where they attacked the staff, when the person was refused service, they went out to attack the police and then at the hospital, and the suspect was taken to the hospital and there he broke the, he broke the nurse's nose and he kicked him in the face and that person had all sorts of drugs on board. and i think that is if we could have the staff, more aware of, you know, over seg there was an
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aggravated assault on october 27th at vessel and so we just saw, you know a pattern developing and so, josylny call in the manage and her we tried to problem solve what is going wrong and we kind of see this, not to say a train wreck, but we see all of these indicators of problems and so we talked to him about what we can do to, you know, curve those assaults, and so that is a work in progress, the last one is complaints that we are getting from jones, and most of them are via the e-mail but we did get also, the complaints the other night, and this is i will just read to you two brief e-mails. >> i notice is so bad that please designate someone to cover. >> and it was so loud sleep was impossible and there is no reason to have an outside venue when there are residents outside and there is no reason that it cannot be enclosed that was e-mail that i got.
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and then another person, kind of said, and what i one of the things when i got an e-mail or a phone call, i said, we really have to know what specific things that the club is doing. and we can't have general, you know, they are too loud or that sort of thing and so it is so that we really need the specifics that, you know, that we can actually tie a club into a behavior that is going against their permit. and that is so the person responded back, as far as about, 3, different issues and most of them with noise and cars parking out in front, and so, that is josyln, i asked if we could have a sit down with club jones to go over their issues and that is is it for central. >> the question, so, on the lead training, are you going to... is the station going to have one where the clubs can par participate, or is this something that you can just recommend? >> i am going to recommend this
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and also, you know, we let them know that the terival station once a month, the abc comes in and they do the class or they sponsor the class, and people can go there for free. and also, i just learned and i did not know this, that the clubs can get the money off on their insurance, by showing that they got the certificate, and went through the training. and so it can be a cost savings, you know, as well as the education that this is going to be providing better service and that can also, effect their bottom dollar in a positive way. >> so it is already once a month, and it is posted somewhere, and so, i have a bunch of interested employees that want to... >> i will find out and get the date and time and make it aware that have and bring it back to the next commission hearing. >> okay. >> i just have a general question about halloween is passed and i know that has been an issue for the city, in previous years, do you have a sense of how it went this year? >> you know, we had to prepare for it and we had an
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operation's order that went over the course of many days. and with it being in the middle of the week it kind of chops up and almost like saint patrick's day, if it is during the week do you celebrate on the friday in the financial district and that sort of thing? and i notice that the venues were having different dates, and all the way from thursday, to friday, to saturday. to some on sunday, and that might have been part of the morning festivities, on broad way. and but then, halloween on a thursday. and so, we prepared for it and it kind of diluted it a little bit, because people were celebrating over many different days rather than going out one night and celebrating everything. >> right. >> and that is good to know. >> and okay. so, i was just, i wanted to ask a question about jones and then about broad way. and so jones, you were saying that there were noise complaints, and like is that from music or from the people
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outside? >> i was curious as to what it was, and their first complaint that we got was a light show, and i guess that what they were doing is projecting on i wall the photo and stuff and they were having a microphone outside, announcing it. and it so, some complaints came in that night for that. and so i don't think that it was necessarily like loud music or dancing and dj or it was more of a loud speaker. >> and it actually sounded like cars and maybe people on the street are playing into the noise complaints as well? >> yeah. part of the e-mails that i am seeing, is the cars pulling up, in the limo and that sort of a thing. and the cars staying there. and maybe they are waiting for the patrons to get in. and you know, i think that the area can be loud any way on a weekend or on a weekend night and then you take the people that have been drinking and, they are going to be yelling according to this, yell and streaming waiting for their
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friends and stuff and so i think that they forget that there are neighbors in the beyond area. >> and in the broad way, you know i repeatedly hear problems at 2:00 and this is not really a question, but i am going to reiterate again that i think that if the bars are allowed to stay open until 3:00, stop serving and let patrons sober up a little bit inside we could see a lot of improvement at that 2:00 and i am going to put that out there and i know that it is not the most popular idea and i think that it is something that has worked elsewhere and i think that it is something that should still be considered. and maybe talked about with the broad way venues and the new what is it? i want to say cac but that is not it. >> cvd. >> there you go. so i just wanted to make that comment. >> yeah, i think that there is... depending on which study you look at and some of them are favor and some of them are not. but it is that way for the decision to make, i got to deal
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with the current conditions. >> and any way, thank you very much. and is there any public comment on the police report? seeing none, it is now closed. and we will move on to item five, the


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